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Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars


Barney In Chocoland (by Rapid Turtle Games)
Barney In Chocoland by Rapid Turtle Games

Barney's dream has finally come true! He is in Chocoland, and he can get as much chocolates as he can collect. But the inhabitant of Chocoland, Coco, might not like this idea at all! Help Barney to collect as much chocolates as he can, and don't let Coco to steal any from him. You are controlling Barney. Chocolates are falling down, and you need to catch and insert them into the barrels. When you miss a chocolate, it is eaten by Coco. 3 misses and the game ends. Available for Windows and Mac OS X.

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Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars

This is a third-person action game with RPG elements placed in a fantasy world for the PC and Wii. The game is divided into 15 maps. The player can choose between 2 characters, each with unique weapons and special abilities. Whichever character is chosen, there will be constant action with hordes of monsters.

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Things are not going well for young Grinbo. He is trapped in a strange world and he needs your help to return to his Guffyland. This is a fun adventure game powered with puzzles.

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